As a conduit for cooperation, the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 has worked with many organizations from across the globe that wish to work with the very best ASEAN universities.

Not only that, the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 also acts as a united front for these universities when looking to work with organizations in Europe, East Asia, Australia, and beyond. 下面是根据组织所在位置将十大网投平台信誉排行榜合作伙伴划分为不同区域的列表.


  • ASEAN Foundation
  • ASEAN Human Development Organisation
  • ASEAN Secretariat
  • Asia-Europe Foundation
  • Asia-Europe Institute
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines
  • 国际人权十大网投网站大全标准基金会
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair, Thailand
  • 泰国教育部高等教育委员会办公室
  • SEAMEO RIHED (The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation-Regional Centre for           Higher Education and Development)
  • SEAMEO Secretariat

East Asia 

  • ASEAN+3 UNet
  • ASEAN Cyber University
  • China Scholarship Council
  • Japan Foundation
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies
  • Korean Council for University Education
  • Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
  • 日本文部科学省
  • 大韩民国教育科学技术部
  • Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, Republic of Korea
  • National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea


  • Australian Research Council
  • British Council
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • European Union
  • European University Association
  • International Association of Universities
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • University of Deusto
  • University of Groningen
  • 澳大利亚高等教育质量和标准局
  • Tuning Asia-South East