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  • ASEAN-日本 Virtual Cultural Exchange Programme 2022 (十大网投平台信誉排行榜-SUN/SixERS Cross-Cultural Event) was successfully co-organised by the ASEAN 大学 网络 (十大网投平台信誉排行榜) and the Six Universities 网络/International Education and Research System, 日本(太阳/ 76人),2022年3月1 - 3日.
  • The event served as a cultural exchange opportunity for student participants from 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 and SUN/SixERS universities to explore other cultures and exchange their culture among participants through interactive activities on virtual platforms.
  • 在开幕词和闭幕词中. 奥联执行董事霍尔蒂斯·迪拉希提, highlighted the importance of activity design for organising cross-cultural exchange and student activities on virtual platforms. 在疫情形势下,日本和十大网投网站大全国家留学生建立了联系和网络.

ASEAN-日本 Virtual Cultural Exchange Programme 2022 (十大网投平台信誉排行榜-SUN/SixERS Cross-Cultural Event)  was co-organised by the ASEAN 大学 网络 (十大网投平台信誉排行榜) and the Six Universities 网络/International Education and Research System, 日本(太阳/ 76人),2022年3月1 - 3日. 

The three-day virtual programme was geared to provide continuity to past cultural exchange programme collaborations between the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 and SUN/SixERS. 类似于十大网投平台信誉排行榜早期与SUN/SixERS的合作 日本-ASEAN Training Course towards SDGs "Learning 日本ese culture and Biodiversity from UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in 日本" 10月, 2021, this cross-cultural programme served as a cultural exchange opportunity for student participants from 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 and SUN/SixERS universities to explore other cultures and exchange their culture among participants through interactive activities on virtual platforms.

活动于3月结束, 3rd 2022, 来自日本和十大网投网站大全国家大学的32名学生成功参与.




课程的第一天以Zoom的开幕会开始,由尊敬的教授参加. SUN/SixERS董事、冈山大学副校长铃木孝文博士. 奥联执行董事霍尔蒂斯·迪拉希提.


项目1:博士. Choltis presented the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 principles of activity design and their importance to the university student participants in his opening remark for the event.

在他的开场白中. Takayoshi向Dr. 胆道和十大网投平台信誉排行榜, 以及所有参与该项目的十大网投网站大全+3国家的学生. 他强调,十大网投平台信誉排行榜和SUN/SixERS有着共同的合作和学生交流历史, 日本和十大网投网站大全地区大学之间的入境和出境项目就是明证. 教授. Takayoshi hoped this virtual programme would serve as a platform for students from different backgrounds to connect and promote the understanding and sharing of cultural identity between students from different societies.

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti随后发表了开场白, emphasising on the importance of the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜’s activity design principles to ensure the students’ attainment of competency, 知识和技能贯穿整个项目. 根据博士. Choltis, 而文化交流和积极学习是优先考虑的, the ultimate goal expected from this programme was to establish strong connections and networking among student participants from 日本 and the ASEAN region. Dr. Choltis认为,虽然很多内容需要为在线十大网投网站大全重新设计, 相信参加者会觉得这个课程很有价值.

“文化对话:(1)技术对文化的影响:主导和颠覆 & (2)全球公民和文化的竞赛

在开幕会议之后, the student participants were divided into groups and participated in an ice-breaking session in which the participants learned about one another through fun and convivial minigames revolving around the sharing of the participants’ own culture.


项目二:(左)Dr. Steven P.C. 费尔南德斯和(右. 鲍勃·奥布里在文化对话环节

开幕式之后是文化对话. Steven P.C. 费尔南德斯DFA. 来自棉兰老州立大学-伊利根(菲律宾)和博士. 鲍勃·奥布里,十大网投网站大全人类发展组织(AHDO)和鲍勃·奥布里 Associates. 博士. 史蒂文的会话, “技术对文化的影响:主导与颠覆”, 学生们了解到新冠肺炎疫情对表演艺术和文化活动的破坏性影响, as well as the societal and historical patterns of how culture shapes – and is shaped – by major crises and events in human civilisations. 在接下来的会议中. 鲍勃·奥布里, “全球公民与文化的竞赛”, 通过博士课程,学生们了解了全球公民和身份的多层次概念. 鲍勃自己在文化接触、沉浸和学习方面的经历.


在和十大网投平台信誉排行榜的专家进行了深入的讨论之后, the participants relocated for the first time to the Gather Town platform – a virtual meeting platform where the participants got to create their own 2D avatar to join in activities and interact with one another in a virtual town.  本次活动题为“文化接触:十大网投网站大全虚拟博物馆之旅”, the students assembled on the Gather Town platform and were set to explore the virtual town and museum created by the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜 team, 以日本和十大网投网站大全地区几种文化的展览为特色.


项目3:学生们第一次聚集在GatherTown上, 在充满十大网投网站大全和日本文化展览的虚拟博物馆中进行虚拟之旅.

结束第一天的活动, the knowledge obtained by students during the virtual museum tour were then put to test in the “Museum Tour Quiz” where the students got to work together in teams in completing a quiz about cultures in 日本 and ASEAN countries.



在2天, 在“文化接触:十大网投网站大全不可见之旅”活动中,同学们首次在Zoom上见面。. 两个小时的活动,让参加者计划和组织十大网投网站大全国家和日本的旅游见闻. 分成8 - 10人的小组, the students were tasked with discussing and coming up with a well-planned trip in a coordinative and convivial manner. 之后,他们将向其他参与者展示他们完全实现的计划. 这次活动的目的是为了提高沟通技巧, 软技能, 和来自不同文化背景的人一起工作.

在活动的工作环节, the students were able to collaborate well in creating a well-rounded trip in 日本 and ASEAN Countries based on research and sharing of knowledge and personal experience. 说到展示的时候, 学生们能够展示他们在文化方面的知识, 他们在日本和十大网投网站大全国家的合作计划中展示了地标和传统.

“有趣的食物活动 & 跨文化餐”

以下是在十大网投网站大全的未见之旅和活动的介绍, the students allocated themselves to Gather Town in the session titled “有趣的食物活动” in which the students were tasked with exploring the food exhibition section of the virtual museum to learn about ASEAN food cultures. 然后,他们的知识在一个互动测验中被测试,问题与十大网投网站大全在博物馆展出的食物有关.


项目4:学生们在GatherTown一起享用晚餐, 分享文化菜肴背后的知识和经验.

第二天 concluded with the “跨文化餐” session where the students brought a traditional dish of their cultures to the virtual table and had dinner together. 在这个会话, 学生们在放松和交流的同时,也分享了他们传统食物的信息和背景.


“工艺美术:泰式移动鱼:Pla Ta Pian”

节目的最后一天, the students joined together on Zoom to participate in a cultural workshop called “工艺美术:泰式移动鱼:Pla Ta Pian”. 在这个活动, the participants got hands-on experience in Arts and Crafts from our distinguished instructors who are 专家 in Pla Ta Pian handicraft, Ms. Chonvipha Sanguannoi和Mr. Wisan wanicsuwan,一边了解泰国鲤鱼织布的故事. 他们也有机会向泰国的专家学习鲤鱼编织. The objective of this activity was to gain an immersive cultural experience through active learning of traditional handicraft, 传统, 来自另一种文化的历史和生活方式.


第五项: The students showcased their hand-crafted Pla Ta Pian after an insightful cultural workshop session with the instructor, Ms. Chonvipha Sanguannoi.

这个在虚拟平台上的文化研讨会被证明是非常成功的, 学生们可以花一些宝贵的时间一起制作和展示他们手工制作的鱼手机. The students showed interest to learn more about Thai culture and history behind these delicate woven carps and actively engaged in a conversation with the 专家.


在文化研讨会之后的休息之后, the students said goodbye to the Zoom meeting as they relocated to Gather Town for their final activity – “寻宝”. 在这个会话, the students were given a crossword puzzle and were encouraged to work collaboratively as they searched the virtual town and museum for hidden treasure chests containing clues to help them complete the puzzle. 

这项活动旨在促进参与者在面临挑战时的协作和联网. 活动结束时, the participants got to learn the meanings of the words featured in the crossword puzzle; all of which reinforced the prevalent theme of cross-cultural immersion and the idea of becoming a responsible and collaborative global citizen. 这次寻宝活动是对所有知识的一次完美总结, 在为期三天的活动中,学员获得多元文化的体验和友谊.


讲座最后由教授 .. SUN/SixERS董事、冈山大学副校长铃木孝文博士. 奥联执行董事霍尔蒂斯·迪拉希提.

教授. Takayoshi first expressed his sincere gratitude to student participants from SUNSixers Universities and ASEAN universities for fruitful participation in the programme. The students managed to showcase excellent skills of leadership and collaboration in an international and multicultural environment. While the long-term cultural exchange collaboration between 日本ese and ASEAN universities was disrupted by the impacts of the pandemic, 这个跨文化项目标志着通过数字平台的这种合作的连续性. Dr. Takayoshi希望学生们能在他们的生活中充分利用在这个项目中获得的经验, 研究, 和未来的. 最后,博士. Takayoshi向Dr. 和十大网投平台信誉排行榜团队为组织这样一个精彩的活动.

Dr. Choltis和教授. Takayoshi在他的结束语, 在这个全球化的时代,进一步加强青少年的联系和网络的重要性. 根据博士. Choltis, the success of the 3-day cross-cultural programme on virtual platforms was just a small step contributing to the long-term cross-cultural exchange collaboration between 日本 and the ASEAN region. 鉴于持续的Covid-19形势和其他新出现的挑战. Choltis Dhirathiti encouraged the participants to continue the student connection and networking between 日本 and Southeast Asia.


议题6:闭幕会议. 冈山大学副校长铃木孝芳博士. 奥联执行董事霍尔蒂斯·迪拉希提, 来自日本和十大网投网站大全国家的大学生与会.

The success of the ASEAN-日本 Virtual Cultural Exchange Programme 2022 (十大网投平台信誉排行榜-SUN/SixERS Cross-Cultural Event) is another evidence of possible continuity to this type of educational programmes through smart digital platforms and matching activity designs. Effective collaboration and planning are also the key to successful organisation of such activities on a virtual platform.
十大网投平台信誉排行榜十大网投平台信誉排行榜想要表达十大网投平台信誉排行榜对SUN/ 76人队的感谢, 日本, 尊敬的各位来宾, 专家, 以及所有参与项目的学生,都有如此美好的体验. We hope the success of this programme serves as a cornerstone of the 十大网投平台信誉排行榜’s future collaborations and initiatives in cross-cultural exchange programmes and student activity. 十大网投平台信誉排行榜团队希望每个人都健康安全,这样十大网投平台信誉排行榜就可以在不久的将来再次见面.